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How to Shape Rope into a Jewelry Box

Lovely box isn't it?  The box is made entirely with only thick string or cord, wooden dowels and glue !  The filigree style gives it a very ornate look. Imagine if you used soutache cord!

Watch the artisan make it with the help of a diagram placed inside a plastic sheet protector.  This allows her to remove each panel after construction. Curving the panels is done by heating and pressing them around a water bottle mandrel.

The tutorial is in Russian so turn off the sound unless you understand the language.

I first spotted this on Bored Panda's Facebook Page.  Whoever shared it inexplicably called it a jewelry box!!  That led to a number of comments about small jewelry falling out through the holes!! The box could be made such that the panels are less holey if it were to be a jewelry box. Or store jewelry in separate little zip locks inside the box.

I rather like the use of the crystals to embellish the box. But some of the Bored Panda followers thought those were tacky.  What do you think?   Please share your comments!

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  1. This box looks amazing and it resembles silver filigree jewellery box that have a carboard box/compartment covered with silk. At first I thought it was done by quilling paper as I couldnt believe that it was rope.

  2. Isn't that amazing!

    I like it with the bling on it and I like it without.

    1. Spoken like a jewelry maker! I think we all appreciate bling on occasion!

    2. You never need a special occasion for bling! Anytime is good.

  3. After looking at the video, it's an amazing work of art. I don't think that everything has to be utilitarian. I would think of it as just what it is - a beautiful piece of artistry and display it as is.

  4. This is fabulous! When I read the comment about jewelry falling out through the 'hole's, it have me 2 ideas:
    1) keep the box as is, but craft a lining with plush, deep pile velvet in a rich color. That would make it both useful and beautifully showcase the spectacular rope work.
    2) Start with a dark toned wooden box (and perhaps wrap it initially in waxed paper or a similarly impervious to water and nonstick material so the string/soutache won't stick),and then form the outer 'shell'. When dried, remove the covered box and remove the protective cover.Replace the box and enjoy! Maybe a clear, double stick tape on the underside of the box would keep the shaped cover in place.

  5. Once again I'm inspired to a fever pitch! This is stunning. I love bling but I think this choice distracts from the beauty of the work. For those who want to use it as a box, why not build a clear plastic box to insert inside? Did I miss it or does she show what kind of glue she's using? Wish I spoke Russian!

  6. at first glance, i thought it was paper quilling and beautiful. After watching the video im reminded of stiffened crochet snowflakes/doilies. It's beautiful and prompts so many ideas! i agree with no bling or more subtle bling (clear crystals?) and a clear or white liner.


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