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Richly Colorful Beadwork Jewelry Tutorials by beadesireJewelry

Many beadwork jewelry designers have a distinctive style of their own. Inbal, the Israeli designer behind beadesireJewelry, has a wonderful talent for color as shown by her richly colorful jewelry tutorials.

One of her bestsellers is the mandala pendant design above. She also has a way of picking just the right kind of beads and in the right finish to really make her work pop.

Case in point is the mandala pendant.  The choice of patterned cabochons makes the design unique. See her shop banner for variations of the same mandala pattern and you will get what I mean.

Other designs use beads with metallic or iridescent finishes.  But my favorite designs from her remarkable store are those which use baroque cabochons such as her Kisses bracelet and Spellbound pendant shown below.

Inbal mentioned in one of her listings that baroque cabochons and other more unusual beads can be found on BeadsForMyString.  The baroque cabs are here.

Kisses Bracelet with Baroque Cabochon centers. 

Spellbound Pendant with Baroque Cabochons

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  1. Her colourful style put a smile on my face.

  2. Dang it, Pearl. If you don't stop coming up with such wonderful artists, my kids will have to go shoeless. Actually her designs fit my design desires perfectly. They are orderly and exact which really appeals to me. Thanks for keeping us excited about new and different designers.

  3. Amazing beautiful work! The rich, vibrant colors in her designs make every piece a winner to me. Very talented and creative. Smiles to my face as the colors remind me of my mother. Thank you for featuring such a talented artist and such beautiful jewelry!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that Inbal is a wonderful designer. She also personifies customer service. I bought several patterns from her and then decided that buying a kit was the more practical way to proceed. As you know, finding all of the beads you need for a project at one location is practically impossible. Within minutes of buying the kits, she recognized that I had already purchased the patterns and sent me a message saying I could either get a refund or a free pattern of my choice. Of course, I had drooled over several of her other patterns so I took her offer of a free pattern. Since then, I have had several other transactions with her and ordered the kit after buying the pattern.She responded immediately and this time I took the refund which was processed immediately.

    I noticed that many of her kits were down to only 1 left. I asked her if she would be putting together more kits which she will do if she still has the supplies available. So if you have been pondering one of these limited design kits, jump on it before it's gone.


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