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Watch This Crafter Make Rings from Spoons with Ease!

Many of you already know how beautiful vintage silverware can be turned into jewelry. But bending the cut stems of spoons and forks usually involves prior annealing (softening) the metal with a torch.

Now watch TheCrafsMan (SteadyCraftin) make a spoon ring with ease. All he uses is a bolt cutter to cut off the stem, a file and the Pepe ring bender tool.  No torch needed!

It is his review on this tool and he shares a number of tips along the way.

The Crafsman shares his demonstrations in a most friendly manner! He has a calming voice and a delightful accent - although I cannot place it except vaguely in the southern US. Maybe a reader can pinpoint it?

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  1. Wow, this is an incredible video!!! Love his use of "The Negotiator". Thanks, Pearl.

  2. What a lovely sweet voice he has! I love spoon/fork jewelry, it's so creative of a use of utensils. I could really get in to that awesome tool, i'm afraid to see what the cost is. I think I'll just admire the results!

  3. Crafsman is the Bob Ross of crafts!

    From some research into Crafmans videos he appears to be from the South Eastern US.

    I have this metal bending tool from Pepe Tools. It was my first ring bender way back when and I put many hours into it. It works well - even bending metal with a sharp point in it! For the cost it's a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to bend metal.

    1. Bob Ross of crafts is right! Thanks for confirming how useful this tool is!!

  4. We've watched multiple Crafsman tutorials now and always try to pick out items that might portray where he lives.

    Our latest idea is Louisiana due to a milk crate he showed in a studio tour.

    The search continues....

  5. Just a wonderful tutorial very informative ,I loved the tips.his voice is so relaxing, just loved it😁😜


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