German industrial designer, Britta Boeckmann of BoldB now lives in Melbourne, Australia where she is inspired by Australia's natural beauty.  She has three amazing collections of sand, resin and concrete jewelry.

When I first spotted her Aqua Collection, I thought they were the ever popular wood and resin designs. But no. She creates them from curving blocks of sand and resin!  I also love the way she uses water and seascape names for her creations - like "lagoon", "peninsula", "fjord" and "inlet".

There is more to this outstanding collection. Britta explains, "Each purchase from our Aqua Collection will help provide one year of safe water to one person in need through BoldB's support of, an international nonprofit organisation."

Her black sand, resin and pearl Nacre collection epitomizes her shop name for bold creativity! The gold pigments really tie together the pale pearls and dark colored sand.

Again, Britta's commitment to the environment shows as she explained, "With each purchase from our Nacre Collection you are contributing to protect our precious ocean ecosystems and wildlife, through our support of the Australian Marine Conservation Society."

Her concrete collection also marries black with the gold pigments of the crystal shapes.  The individual designs from this Cluster collection are named for places in Australia famous for its precious stone or metal mines.

Like her other collections, sales of this particular Cluster collection helps "fund a girl’s secondary school education for a day in a low-income community, through our partnership with non-profit organization Room to Read."

All her designs are boldly executed to stunning effect!

H/T My Modern Met

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