Reader Elise inspired this blog post when she asked if I knew of a tutorial on Balinese beaded baskets. Well, there are no tutorials but I did come across this video which shows you the beautiful work offered by Bindah, a small Balinese company which started some years these craftswomen market their goods and thus bring in some income for their families.

I have been unable to find any trace of this particular company today.  But there are other craft collectives such as the Kembali Collective.  (Update :  Reader Susan Lisman found Bindah on Houzz! Thanks!

Still, that video gives us an insight into the process. The Balinese women sew 12/0 seed beads using peyote stitch around hand woven rattan baskets. As you can see, the patterns are customized to the shape and size of the individual baskets, handbags and other home decor items.  It takes weeks or months for an artisan to complete a large piece!

Bali in Indonesia is a small island with an incredible arts and crafts culture including the performing arts. Silverwork, wood carving, painting, bead work, basketry are just a few crafts to mention. All that together with the beautiful landscapes and friendly people are the reasons why tourism is Bali's major industry.

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