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Amazing Bead Embroidered and Textile Bird Jewelry by JuliaGorinaBirds

Words initially failed me when I stumbled upon the work of JuliaGorinaBirds. This Russian artisan's creations are like no other bead embroidered designs I have ever seen.

The combination of textiles like cotton and silk combined with beads and stitching come together in amazing bird inspired brooches and earrings.

Her workmanship is just as exquisite on the back as it is on the front - see the back of the black swan bird brooch below.

While her Etsy store is very new, Julia has actually been creating jewelry on her Russian online store since 2007. Her first silk bird came out in 2010.  In 2012, she won first prize on a large handmade Russian site and has gone on to participate in exhibitions and so on.

Julia actually makes a range of designs but concentrates on birds because that is what she is famous for! Check out her Instagram and click on the Process video to see how one of her bead embroidered creation came together.

Her workmanship is just as exquisite on the back as it is on the front - see the back of the black swan bird brooch below.  Also impressive is her ability to create statement bird earrings as well as much smaller asymmetrical earrings.

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  1. The birds that Julia creates are absolutely stunning! She is definitely a Number 1 artist with beads! Wow! I am going to check out her work and hopefully someday I will be wearing a pair of her beautiful earrings. Once again Pearl, you have brought us art like we could have never imagined! You give us inspiration to work harder and better ourselves to become the best we can be! Thank you so much!

    1. I am so pleased you like my picks! Julia is amazing! Please contact me asap because you won the wire jewelry tutorial giveaway and I need you to respond !

  2. I first looked at this post on my phone and immediately realized I needed to see it on my desktop. I'm glad I waited.

    I'm blown away by Julia's artistic skills. Her birds are beyond gorgeous.

  3. These are amazing! beautiful, and more realistic than many "bird" beading I've seen. such attention to detail! wow, just wow!

  4. You hit the nail on the head, Pearl. The combination of textiles is the key to her creative birds. Two words - SIMPLY STUNNING!

  5. These pics left me speechless - incredible! The owl! The parrot! WOW!


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