Bobbin lace making is a centuries old craft which began in Italy.  It became popular because it was easier than  making elaborate cutwork lace. It also provided a means for women to earn a better income than sewing, weaving or spinning.

People still do bobbin lace making today and one expert at this is UK-based Malgorzata (Gosia) Szpila of HandmadeLaceDesign. Her gorgeous work is definitely haute couture worthy.

Many of her finished jewelry are meant as bridal jewelry. Her hair vines and decorated combs are particularly lovely. Gosia uses different kinds of thread including the metallic gold and silver ones.

She also offers a portable bobbin lace stand with or without the pillow as well as digital tutorials, pins and threads in her accessories section.  The other name for bobbin lace is pillow lace because of the cushion used. Less common, is the name bone lace because the early bobbins were made from bone or ivory. Today, they are wood.

Beginner tutorial

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