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This Wire Artist Shares How She Layers Complex Wire Designs Together

Jana Kriger is an accomplished Russian wire jewelry artist. She shared the key design steps she undertook to create a complex wire wrapped pendant design. While her article is not really a tutorial, the construction steps show how a wire artist carefully layers prepared wire components together.

The foundation as well as the different bezels have dual roles - decorative and functional. They hold the cabochon in place in attractive ways all without soldering.

Jana also shared her initial drawings of two of her complex necklace designs and how she finished the pieces.

Worth a look if you enjoy wire work, wish to improve and need some inspiration!

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  1. Frames are important in wire weaving and Jana's method is one of the neatest I've seen!

  2. Jana has such beautiful, gorgeous pieces! Thank you for sharing this with us! ❤️❤️
    Donna Lee Little

  3. Wow. That's very interesting how she layers them. I definitely learned something new as I don't do much in this technique.


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