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How to Make Braided Bracelets from Recycled Belts

When it comes to making braided or plaited leather bracelets, most of us assume these start off with leather strips. However, you can make "internal" plaits while keeping the bracelet ends intact for attaching fasteners.

According to Ian and Mandy of the CraftyCouple,  they learned how to do the various 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 from the now out of print book called Bush Leatherwork by Ron Edwards.  Keep an eye out for a secondhand copy anywhere!

They have shared the diagrams from the book  as well as their tips and tricks. Start with the 3 plait which is the easiest. The 5 plait is their favorite. They even tested out how much "shrinkage" occurs after plaiting.

The trickiest part is the cutting of the leather belt. The illustrated DIY gang cutter tool looks wicked!

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  1. I've always loved the mystery braid technique. It looks so difficult and yet, when you follow the steps, it really isn't. I've gotta give this a try one day. Using an old belt is a great idea! Thanks for sharing this resouce, Pearl.

  2. I always wondered how they did that! yes, an old belt would be a great test piece.


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