Do you have a favorite charm you wish to replicate? Or do you want to sculpt your own polymer clay charm but wish to make a mold so you can produce more copies either out of resin or polymer clay?  Then check out Alexa's tutorial on how you can easily make your own silicon molds.

Apart from the silicone mold rubber, the rest of what you need is easily available.  Instead of a large cookie cutter as shown, you can recycle plastic food containers by cutting away the bottoms.

Alexa, also known as Craftylefty, suggest different makes of silicone mold rubber in her video info. You must obviously get the pourable kind such as this well rated product in a smaller size.

The other tip from her video is to place the curing mold in the fridge for a couple of hours. I must try this on epoxy resin castings. The colder temperature slows down the cure time and according to Alexa, allows more time for the bubbles to escape.

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