HelenaDaydreamer has a few easy adjustable ring tutorials I like for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are created by twisting wire and secondly, they are made with the minimal of tools.  As they are adjustable, you don't really need a proper ring mandrel. As you can see, she uses handy items found in the home as mandrels.

The first two tutorials involve making spirals to act as pads for gluing on flatback rhinestones. One suggestion I have is to lightly hammer the spirals so the wire is a bit flatter and thus there is more contact surface.  I have found E6000 glue to occasionally fail especially if it is not fresh.

So I recommend you use Starbond glue (Medium) which is very strong.  Use Code BGSB15 at checkout to save 15% amount on your purchase. You can also purchase on Amazon

Want to wear the rings a lot?  Then make sure you use solid metal like copper or sterling silver.  Plated wires will not be durable.

One tip I liked in one of the videos is how she quickly added a bit of blue tack to the end of a toothpick or a DIY crystal setter. The sticky tip allows her to pick up the rhinestone and place on the glue covered spiral pads.

Single Rhinestone Ring

This designs has places for 3 rhinestones!

This tutorial uses an optional 4 hole montee (mounted rhinestone) .

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