It took a while before Wisconsin based Victoria of ThreeFatesDesign got into beading.

She explained, "Growing up in a household of artists, I struggled to find my medium, my passion. I tried everything, and then tried it again. Then early on in high school, my mother (who is an exceptional artist) bought me some beads and some string. I was immediately hooked. I wanted more and more beads. I wanted to push my designs further and further. I soon began stitching, not just stringing the beads."

But once she was grown up and studying biology, she could not find time or the money to indulge. Then a research job provided the funds for her hobby but not the time. There is a happy ending : "But after I took a position at a medical college, I had the free time I never had before. So after years of "you should really sell this stuff," I was able to start Three Fates Design."

What Victoria offers are fun and funky peyote and/or loom or square stitch bracelet designs as well as pen wrap peyote patterns. These are in 3 different categories. Her talent for patterns and colors is evident.

Her inferno peyote and loom pattern brings to mind the horrific wildfires which have been ravaging Australia. They could be used as fundraisers to help with the firefighting, the poor animals and the long term rebuilding and reforestation which must follow.

Another favorite of mine is the American flag pattern where the flag is depicted as fluttering in the wind as opposed to being a flat rendition. Victoria has many lovely patterns to choose from, so do go ahead and browse.

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