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Imaginative Bangle and Bracelet Beadwork Designs by DebgerDesigns

South African bead designer, Debbie van Tonder, started out beading for her friends and family and then some she never knew she had!  She soon expanded and has a fabulous beadwork tutorial store called DebgerDesigns!

Her forte is in imaginative bangle and bracelet beadwork designs although you can find other tutorials for beaded beads, earrings, cross and rings.

Beading is clearly a passion as she has many designs to choose from. Shown here are my favorites. Peyote and double peyote as well as square stitches are the most popular stitches used in her work.

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  1. Yes, definitely imaginative! I love the G-ma Squares bracelet and earrings. thanks for sharing.

    1. That one was one of my favorites, too. Can you get in touch with me ASAP - still haven't heard back from you.


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