Tambour embroidery and tambour beading creations are accomplished with hook tools. The technique originated in India centuries ago. It was introduced in Europe in the 18th century and it quickly became a fashionable craft for women in society.

Today, tambour beading is extensively used in haute couture. One outstanding example is the Lebanese designer, George Hobeika's 2019-20 collection.  Watch the World Fashion Channel's behind the scene's look at how the beadwork and the gowns were made.

The professionals are incredibly skilled and fast at tambour beading! The beads are pre-strung on to the thread. Unlike other types of beadwork, tambour beading is created on the underside of the fabric, with each bead caught up with each chain stitch. That is why translucent fabric is often used.

Mary Corbert of needlenthread has a great tutorial demonstrating how the basic tambour chain stitch is done. As you can see from her examples, the chain stitch by itself results in a lovely form of embroidery as it is.  Can you see tambour beading or tambour embroidery used in jewelry designs?

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