I've seen recycled vinyl record jewelry before but the work of Anne-Louise of lesCreationsdAna (colorful) and DanaJewellery (contemporary) is something else!  Her geometric style coupled with meticulous resin work on the fronts make her pieces not just attractive but durable.

All her pieces are hand cut and hand finished.  (No laser cutting is possible with vinyl records due to toxic fumes from the PVC material.) I also love how she carefully chooses bits of words and designs from the original record for her earrings.  I am not surprised how her recycled vinyl record jewelry is a hit with people who love the old music format.

Anne-Louise explained a little about herself and her work : "I work and live in Sneem, a beautiful village in the south west of Ireland. The hills, the fresh air and the ocean are just some of the things that inspire me daily."

"I am not your usual record hunter. Nope, I don't play vinyl records. I play "with" vinyls. They are either given to me or come from charity shops. I just love digging in the cheap record piles. Then, in my studio, the designs from my sketchbook are turned into reality. Once in the creative space, the record really becomes a "material", losing its initial purpose. Yes, I break them up, but don't worry you music lovers out there as no good music is harmed in the making of this jewelry."

Anne-Louise did a 2 year technical jewelry making program in Quebec followed by a vacation in New Zealand back in 2009.

It was during her travels around New Zealand when she discovered her calling. She recalls : "Then something happened at a recycling center. There it was, on a wall, an image of a vinyl record bowl. "Cool!", I thought as I had never seen one before. I then realized that vinyl record could be used as a material, to make things. On that day, I made a silent promise to myself that, as soon as I returned home, I'd get my tools out and would play with records instead of precious metals and faceted stones. And I did. Why dig gold when you can dig records, eh?

I started using vinyl record as a material back in 2010. And believe me, my first attempts didn't look anything like what my jewelry looks like today. I felt challenged at the beginning and then motivated to be able to come up with my own original designs that looked like nothing I had ever seen before.

As a strong believer of integrity in creativity, I am very pleased with the uniqueness of my jewelry. Recycling and bringing back to life a material that would otherwise end up in landfills is very gratifying. Taking part in the ever growing eco-friendly movement brings me great joy as it is in tune with my own personal values."

What an inspirational designer!

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