The suggested projects when I introduced my original laser cut shadow box/bezel pendant styles were those which 1) had glued on small objects and 2) sea glass and shells embedded in a thin glue - which can also be substituted with resin with the right precautions.

But the creative souls who read my blog or found my shop on Etsy definitely saw possibilities beyond my humble projects. One, Amber Allen kindly let me share pictures of her creations - lovely pressed flower and leaf designs.

These all imbue her personal aesthetics for light colors and showcases the light natural wood.  She opted for a pale blue background for one. My favorite is the purple flower one below. I wonder if it is a larkspur flower? If so, I am going to try and plant these in my garden some day!

Don't they look like nature's artwork captured in tiny canvases?  Well done, Amber!

Amber is clearly busy crafting as many of you are also likely to be doing. Crafts and other activities like art, cooking, quilting, knitting, crochet and so on are well known to have soothing effects. Good therapy during any anxious or stressful time and especially now as we try to slow down this fast moving new virus.

Social distancing is important as we do not yet have a vaccine. If we we keep well apart, the virus cannot infect another person and it will eventually die out. It is a lesson we've learned time and time again from past pandemics. This PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA) chart shows the stark difference in fatalities between two American cities dealing with the 1918 avian flu pandemic, which killed an estimated 17-50+ million people worldwide. This pandemic hit the young adult group hard. The chart is a good demonstration of how to "flatten the curve".

Philadelphia allowed a large parade to go ahead and didn't initiate closures until cases overwhelmed the health care system there.  St Louis moved quickly with recommended social distancing measures as soon as the first few cases turned up. There was certainly an economic cost for both cities but the difference was the huge number of lives lost in Philadelphia.

This is a time when strong governments and decisive leadership are needed to tackle this pandemic in order to save lives, help individuals who have lost their jobs with the shutdowns and protect the vulnerable in society.

So let's do our part in all those measures above including following what public health authorities are advocating. Get information from reputable and expert sources - not from cesspools of misinformation like WhatsApp. You might get a hangover from drinking Corona beer but you don't get the coronavirus from drinking it! Please also do not ingest or apply anything unusual on your skin without proper medical advice - or you could accidentally poison yourself.  (I spent part of my 30+ years as an analytical toxicologist in a Canadian hospital and have screened for drug and other toxicities for the Emergency department).

We will eventually get through this as we have in the past.

Here is a compilation (with English captions) of various Italian mayors and civic leaders losing it with people who just don't get what self isolation means and how important it is. My favorite is the one who didn't mince his words about graduation parties.

Stay home, stay healthy, and keep crafting!


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