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Nail Jewelry : A New Way to Highlight Manicures

It's really uncommon to find new jewelry being created that is other than the usual bracelet, necklace, brooch, rings and hair jewelry.  Perhaps we are creatures of habit. But South Korean nail artist, Eunkyung Park, has designed nail jewelry specifically to highlight manicures!

The rings come in different styles and metal finishes.  She sells them through Unistella. See more on her Instagram. The video shows off her collection.

Below are a couple of styles I really like, not because I have lovely manicures to show off. On the contrary, working with my hands is tough on my nails. So I like the idea of something to hide the nails as with the crystals or the style which could protect my nails from daily abuse!  Definitely the stainless steel option!

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  1. oh, my! how unique! maybe wearing one would remind me to not touch my eyes or nose..... ;)

    1. That is a brilliant suggestion. Really these are not so much for working but for looking pretty!!

  2. I wish I had nails that would justify something like this. These are really gorgeous and unusual. I'd be proud to be sporting those on my nails!

    What a great and unique find Pearl!

  3. Great find, Pearl! This is a totally unique type of ring. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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