I actually have a separate and growing category for botanical wood laser cuts .  Nature inspired designs are always popular.  I do prepare some basic samples as inspirations. But I've always wondered how other artisans would put their own spin on what are essentially blank canvases.

To my delight, Texan designer, Starr of handmadebystarr showed me what she has done with a couple of my laser cut supplies.  She specializes in large and small wood products and is also on Facebook.

I particularly love how she just stained much of the wood and added a little color to the accompanying studs to my simple leaf collection.  Her photography style is also delightful and suits her wood theme.

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Starr also used my tabbed holed studs and added some green charms of her own - just in time for St Patrick's day.

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I also have bolder lucky shamrock charms - the pendant sized ones can be used as key chain charms.

Many of my wood cuts are designed for crafters who want to add a bit of color to the wood cuts.  You just need a steady hand and a fine brush.  That is how to added the yellow to the anthers of the stylized hibiscus flowers.

Same painting approach with the dainty daisy flower studs.  When possible, I do add in score lines as painting guide lines.

The daisy studs as well as the small maple leaf and holed floral studs can be found in the studs section of my shop. The vintage look of the maple leaf studs was achieved with acrylic paint and then an application of Inca Gold Gilder's Paste.  See this past post on How to Sand, Stain, Paint and Seal Laser Cut Jewelry Designs.

There are also larger maple leaf designs which can be used as pendants or brooches.  These join the  earring sized ones.  Add a layer of epoxy resin to the brooch for a different look! Or even try decoupage work.

I have also rounded out the daisy flower and 8-petal collection to include sets.

The sets join the floral connectors :

The classic rose is now available as sets or earrings :

Some of the botanical wood cuts are licensed from other graphic designers who have done a great job with their interpretation of botanical designs.  It will be hard for me to top Leaf collection A in the future :

Was it only last spring/summer that my lotus designs and tree of life wood cuts came out?  How time flies when one is having fun!

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