Macrame has come a long way since the hippie days where hemp macrame ruled!  The lovely micro macrame jewelry designs by Greek artist, Tatjana Allert of NostalgieArt is a wonderful example of a modern macrame designer.  As her shop name implies, her pieces are a look back at the past as well as making memories for the future.

She creates a diverse range of designs, some of which incorporate gemstones.  One notable collection  is her men's macrame jewelry designs. She is also offering a 10% discount for all readers.

Tatjana offers both finished jewelry as well as tutorials, kits and tools.  The tutorials are by her Etsy partner, Yuna Titarenko. One thing I really like from her store is her waxed metallic threads in addition to the regular waxed thread kind.

She explained how her shop came to being : "I've had my shop for three years. The first year I only opened it without knowing what to do. The second was something of an experimental stage that I thought I really knew. I finally made a bet with myself that I'd make it work. I'm still learning and discovering new things I need to fix. I love my clients, which are one of the most amazing places. I want to contact them and offer them everything they need to create a Macrame jewel."

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