Every wire wrapper has a distinct style.  The organic swirls of Ira Shell of IraShelljewelry just flows so well.  Gemstones add color and form to the designs of this St Petersburg, Russian based wire artist.

Nature is clearly one of her inspirations. Some of my favorites are her crescent moon, elephant, owl and dragon designs!  She also teaches through her tutorials.

In many ways, Ira started off like many designer and is an inspiration to all. She  said :"I love my work. I have been creating jewelry for three years."  A self learner, she admired the work of other wire artists and marveled at their skill. She added, "I really wanted to make the same beautiful decorations. Gradually gained experience. I gave my work to friends and they were just as surprised - did I do it myself? 🙂"

 "I began to participate in fairs. People were happy to buy my brooches and pendants. And I was convinced that I was doing the right thing. Sometimes I was asked to teach wire weaving. And then I began to invent and conduct master classes. We would gather in groups and create. That was great! 

Now I continue to invent jewelry and began to make detailed textbooks with photos and descriptions. It's a very complex but exciting process! Many of my students send photos of their works. And it's so great to see how beautifully they do. I recently graduated as a jeweler, so I'm not only teaching, but also studying myself. And I like it very much - to improve in my work and in life. Now I have an Instagram page, my jewelry store, where I also hold workshops and a small shop on Etsy."

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