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Contemporary Wire Weaving Jewelry Tutorials by Door44Studios

Wendi Reamy, a wire jewelry designer from Colorado believes in the beauty of simplicity, even with wire weaving. She is the wire weaver behind Door44Studios where her wire tutorials will appeal to those who also love contemporary style. 

Wendi says, "My jewelry designs are mostly quick and easy to make. I'm a big fan of component-based designs that are accessible for beginners yet versatile enough to appeal to more experienced wire weavers too. I don't believe that wirework needs to be complex in order to be beautiful. Sometimes all you really need is the pop of texture that a well-designed wire woven jewelry component can add to your jewelry."  Well said, Wendi!

I had the chance to review one of her tutorials which I found to be beautifully presented and written.  Wendi is a natural teacher so all her instructions are clear.

The designs which first caught my eye were her lover's knot bracelets, one which is a stacked style and the other where the 3 main bangles are wired together.

Also stunning are her pendants especially the Ancestor and Lyonese pendants where their unusual shape makes for beautiful "crowns" of whatever focal gemstone one wishes to use. 

Wendi also writes a beautiful blog where she shares the basic versions of her paid tutorials. She explains, "The free tutorials are complete in terms of basic instructions. The difference in the paid tutorials is that they contain more detailed instructions, tips, tricks, and sizing information."  

This designer is indeed unusual in that she is offering opportunities to try her tutorials before committing to the full versions.  Thanks Wendi, for all you do in teaching wire work to one and all!

Ancestor pendant

Ancestor and Lyonese Pendants

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  1. Hi, Pearl, I started subscribing to Wendi's site a few months ago. Fantastic tutorials there and lots of good information and tips and tricks.

  2. Wendi's work is stunning! I admire people who do this kind of weaving because I know I don't have the patience for it. Tried it once and - nope.

    I do love how every artist puts a different twist on the same thing. It makes looking at and admiring jewelry a never ending experience. A person could do that for a lifetime and never see every design.

    Thanks for sharing Wendi Pearl.

  3. Very impressive designs with (seemingly) simple and clear structure! Those twisted earrings are stunning!

  4. She is simply fantastic. I love her designs & tutorials which are very inexpensive compared to others. She is a gem in the world of wire.

  5. So glad to see this article on Wendi. She is a gifted talent in so many ways, and I love her tutorials! Worth every penny, particularly since I'm not at all intimidated with a chasing hammer and metal like I used to be! LOL Thanks for posting, Pearl!


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