One of the greatest thing about jewelry making is that this craft is in itself made up of many different techniques adapted from other crafts.  I've featured a bobbin lace jewelry designer before. But Vancouver, Canada based designer, Lenka Suchanek of WireLaceSupplies really ups the ante because, as her shop name implies, she does bobbin lace work with wire!

She is both a seasoned designer as well as instructor as she has been conducting wire lace workshops for over 25 years. Not only does she teach the art of bobbin lace making but also her novel use of wire. She works exclusively in wire.  Lenka explains, "I understand the challenges posed by wire medium to lacemakers who are used to working with threads."

Even if you are unfamiliar with bobbin lace making, Lenka offers an introductory manual into the art of wire bobbin lace.

Her tutorials in her shop are for beginners. The flower tutorial (shown above) for example introduces the following techniques: "Plaits (braids), picots, windmill crossings, joining plaits, finishing. These are essential building blocks for plaited laces (also called braided laces), and guipures, such as Cluny, Maltese or Bedfordshire lace."

She also tool kits, bobbin sets as well as tutorials.  She designed her fine wire lace bobbins herself for precision high-end work. Lenka explained on her website -  her bobbins were "Made in Belgium by a master bobbin maker Jan De Maertelaere, who produces the best lacemaking bobbins in the world. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Jan on development of this bobbin, and witness his skills and knowledge, as well as his dedication to the bobbin turning craft.

 I will never forget his comment, when my bobbin was finally close to fulfilling all technical aspects on my list, Jan said (with a smile): “Do not forget, that each lace bobbin must be not only functional, but also beautiful.”

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