I have grown to dislike large looms mainly because they are not portable.  Some time ago, I came across the original Jewel Loom which is compact and easy to pop into one's bag.  This is useful if you like to bead while you are away from home.  Bonus - it is an inexpensive tool.

I now have my eye on the companion tool, the Baby Jewel Loom, which is a smaller version.  This saves thread if you just want to make a smaller project.

As you can see from Beadaholique's demonstration, this little baby does not have the metal bar to curve the tool. The bar of the original tool is used to bow the loom while setting up the threads. It is then removed to make the threads taut.

So that is another plus of the smaller loom - no need to go hunting for the bar.  One tip, if you have the Jewel Loom, use some masking tape to attach the bar to the tool so it doesn't go astray.

Here is the tutorial for the loom statement earrings.  I like the other option of adding chunky chains for bracelets.

Here is the comparative tutorial for the full size Jewel Loom :

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