Got a fabric stash?  Then this is an easy tutorial to whip up brightly colored necklaces. It is a sewing project created by Giddy Up Workshop.  She called it African fabric neck ropes. But you can use any fabric you like.  I myself am partial to batik fabric.

She uses half inch diameter ropes with the same diameter in copper tubing from the hardware store.  You can also use smaller diameter ropes with the corresponding diameter in copper tubing.

Want to know how to make your own cutting template for different rope sizes?  Use the math formula to get the circumference - this will be the width of the template. 

Circumference = 2 x 3.14 x radius (half the diameter)

Use a large safety pin if you do not have a loop turning tool.  Fasten the safety pin to one end of the sewn tube. As you feed it inside the tube, you can still feel the safety pin. Move it along while inverting the tube. Also use the safety pin to help you feed the rope through the finished tube.

I am not a fan of ribbon clamps to finish this kind of chunky rope necklace.  Metal end caps will make for a nicer finish.  Also consider making wire coil ends if you cannot get hold of large end caps. See my past tutorial here.

Super New Glue or Starbond Glue (Medium) will work much better than E6000.  Use Code BGSB15 at checkout to save 15% amount on your Starbond glue purchase. Or get the Medium from Amazon. 

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