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Swirly Wire Woven Jewelry Tutorials by majesticwireartworks

Canadian wire artist, Cheryl St Pierre, of majesticwireartworks has a wonderful talent of combining wire woven elements to bold, open swirls of wire. Her tutorials are a boon for those who are learning to work with wire. 

Shown here are my favorites including a great wire woven clasp design shown below :

Cheryl said: "I have always enjoyed crafting. I've always been a crafter. In the last 5 years I have dedicated my crafting to wire wrapping and jewelry, as I was getting overwhelmed with all the crafts I was doing. I have taken silver smithing, but I prefer wire wrapping for its freedom of style as well freedom of location. You can do most projects just about anywhere and with very little supplies along. 

I have to admit I am totally addicted to the art. I go to bed thinking about wire designs and have wonderful dreams about future pieces I'm going to make. Seriously most of my designs I have created in my sleep, and when I wake I feel fully rested, and eager to create."

She is a teaching assistant which explains why she is such a great teacher.  I have featured her simpler tutorials before. Do check out her wonderful Youtube channel and see more!

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  1. I always admire wire wrapping abilities. Her tutorials are gorgeous. I can understand what she means when she says she dreams of wire wrapping. Happy to know I'm not the only one who eats thinks and dreams about jewelry.

    1. There are a lot of us! Useful to be crafting and dreaming of crafting during difficult times!

  2. The way she seamlessly incorporates beads with her wire work is simply inspiring. I have to try some of these.


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