Gloria Uhler of domestic-divaonline is a very creative individual.  I am in admiration for her innovative approach to many craft disciplines.

She is a far better polymer clay artist than I am. I previously featured her great tutorial on how to integrate polymer clay with my wood frames.  She had filled the open space with the clay.

But as you can see from her latest flowered wood earrings tutorial, you do not have to fill the space entirely!  She used my latest laser wood cuts - a round hoop style.  The extra bit of wood provides a bigger surface area for bonding the clay to the wood. I will be cutting more of these.

I love how she left the natural wood color showing. I recommend you seal the wood as well as the polymer clay part. You can paint or stain if you prefer. See my past post on How to Sand, Paint, Stain and Seal Laser Cut Jewelry Designs for tips.

Gloria used translucent polymer clay to bond her polymer clay. She baked both the wood and the clay together.  You can also bake the polymer clay pieces separately and glue it onto the wood.

Note that wood can have varying amounts of moisture depending on where it is stored. So there is a chance the pieces might warp in the toaster. So pre- bake the wood sandwiched between two pieces of tile to drive out the moisture and prevent warping. After that, you can proceed with Gloria's bonding method.

I also happen to have smaller oval hoops which remind me of the Swinging Sixties hence the name, "go-go".  Any one want to see different shapes beside ovals and rounds?  If so, let me know in the comments below.

You don't need to use hoops!  Any of my solid shapes like these ovals will also work with polymer clay sections. (These particular cuts fit 40 mm x 30 mm digital artwork).

See more supplies including new wood cuts in my store. They can function as foundations for polymer clay work. Just seal them or stain/paint them to compliment polymer clay additions such as these quick examples of mine :

Rather than adding a defined shape, you could also cut textured clay like this idea of mine :

Gloria made me chuckle when she shared something she saw online somewhere :

Q. - What are you doing now that you are isolated in your house all day?
A. - Crafting.
Q. - What happens when you run out of craft supplies?
A. - You’re obviously not a crafter. : )

Happy crafting!

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