Californian, Naomi Ventura, of MoonshinexCharms specializes in the making kawaii (cute) charms. Watch how she fills the cells of metal charm frames with different colored resins and gives them unique looks with stickers, glitter and rhinestones. She also uses regular silicone resin molds.

Naomi mentioned she uses a special microwave oven for baking her polymer clay charm. I suspect she means a microwave/convention oven combo with the microwave oven turned off. Then it is operating like any oven typically used by polymer clay artists.

Can you actually cure polymer clay in a microwave oven?    I recommend you check Ginger Davis Allman's Can you Bake Polymer Clay in the Microwave? for a full review on the technique. The short answer is maybe with the clay immersed in water but the method is hit and miss depending on the brand you use.  Sometimes the slower method using a regular oven is best!

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