British beadwork designer, Jean Power, is simply amazing.  I wrote about her geometric tutorial designs before.  She has several tutorials so it is hard to pick favorites.

However, another stellar collection from her canon are 3 exquisite beaded box tutorials.  As you can see, they all play off her love for geometric elements.

The first is the Peacock Pearl box design, shown above. The pearls and central crystal ornamentation makes this a truly beautiful box for advanced beaders. You can certainly change up the color scheme to suit.  Here is a different variation :

I also love her Iskar box design, created in peyote.  Along the way, Jean says you will accomplish the following tasks:

- how to bezel the large triangle crystal
- adding integral beaded feet to a box (these can then be added to other Peyote Stitch boxes)
- how to bead bicones into beadwork
- how to stiffen box corners
- how to bead ridges or spikes
- adding a hem to the base and lid of the box

Here is the top view of the Iskra box :

And a design variation and alternative color scheme :

The third box design is no less exquisite. It is called the Crystal Pagoda box. The stepped design explains why Jean named it so.

Up for the challenge?

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