Epoxy resin brands are not all created the same. Formulations differ depending on use and price points.  I have tried many brands over the years. My all time favorite jewelry grade resin is Brilliant Resin from Little Windows which is manufactured in California It's a non-toxic, clear resin with a long shelf life, a doming resin, and a low bubble producer. They also stock all kinds of tools and equipment for resin jewelry making. 

I first came across Little Windows through owner, Fran Valera's amazing inspirational resin tutorials.  Her creativity got me hooked into this technique. I have gone on to create many of my own tutorials using this resin.  Below are my favorite projects.  

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My very first tutorial on real flower resin jewelry involved the use of molds as shown in the above picture. The dried dandelion looked great in resin :

This tutorial shows my first foray into pressed real flower jewelry making. The key equipment was the microwave press which speeds up the drying process. You cannot embed fresh organic material into resin as it will eventually rot inside. 

I learned quite a few things about real flower jewelry making over the years. One tutorial explored the combination of using the microwave press and a laminator to protect some of the flowers from the resin. This also helps composition as one is handling a group of pressed flowers and leaves. 

Little Windows also has the supplies needed to make personalized resin photo jewelry and charms. Here is my easy tutorial and review of the resin photo jewelry process using my own photos.  

Another tutorial using resin, wire and nail polish is this faux plique-a-jour tutorial

I also experimented with layered resin designs with fabric!  This is the heart brooch I did using two different sizes of heart molds from Little Windows.

Remember you can embed a lot of things in resin. Some like paper have to be protected before going into contact with resin - the paper goes all translucent. But real turquoise chips in Little Windows' heart resin mold made great pendants or even fridge magnets.

Not into resin jewelry?  Polymer clay artists sometimes use resin over their clay. Here is my comparison between polymer clay with and without resin.  The resin does leave a glass like finish over the clay. 

You can also make resin coasters. My favorite project was the sea shells, pebbles and sea glass coaster tutorial.

This resin collage coaster tutorial uses digital art and other fun additions :

Game to try this technique?


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