Bulgarian designers,  Jasmin and  Kristiyan, are stay at home artists who really appreciate being able to do so as they can take care of their children.  Despite their busy lives, they create colorful art and nature resin jewelry for their store, PAGANEuniques

Their resin jewelry style is indeed unique. Some of their pieces like the real wheat necklace above or their resin rings and earrings have organic shapes.  I particularly love their large resin bangles which celebrate famous artists like Van Gogh.  Also spectacular are their statement resin rings. 

Their attention to detail can be seen in the designs on the inside of some of their bangles as well as their signature at the back of their resin pieces.

Very inspirational!

Mondrian inspired resin earrings

Embroidery Resin Bangle

Feather Resin Bangle 

Gustav Klimt Inspired Resin Earrings

Skeletonized Leaf and Gold Flakes Resin Bangle

Van Gogh Sunflowers Resin Bangle

Real Wheat Resin Bangle 

Real flower pendant necklace

Tiny Flowers Statement Resin Ring

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