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Flower Holder Jewelry for Real Organics by jamincjewelry

Sometimes it is so tempting to pick a flower from the garden or when on a walk. They are so pretty to admire up close.  Well, won't it be lovely to just wear these little nature gems for the day?

You certainly can with the flower holder or vessel jewelry collection by Israeli metsalsmith, Inna Monastyrna, of jamincjewelry!

She has cleverly soldered little open precious metal tubes to wire bangles, rings and chokers.  These little holders allow the wearers to pop in picked flowers or leaves or perhaps some dried ones as they please!

Just a delightful collection for nature lovers and gardeners. 

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  1. I absolutely adore these! What a great idea!! Her designs are delicious! Major kudos to her!

  2. This is such a cleaver idea by Inna Monastyrna. I have seen ancient Indian sculptures and illustrations with people wearing flowers on their earlobes and fingers and always wondered how it stayed put. Could they have used tubes/studs like this I now wonder?

    1. Perhaps. I wonder if people just tucked flower stalks under rings?

  3. So very clever and whimsical at the same time!


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