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Delicate and Pretty Braided Cord and Thread Bracelet Tutorials with Colored Knotted Focals

I was  gobsmacked (British slang for astounded) by Taiwanese crafter Xiaoxi's delicate braided cord bracelet tutorials.  I've selected three to really show how clever they are.

That is because she combines tight braiding with macrame, a touch of Chinese knotting - a real hybrid of techniques all of her own. There are no English subtitles so you will have to watch carefully...and practice. She makes it look easier than it really is.

The first bracelet tutorial has a row of 3 flowers.  I like how she begins by twisting a section of the doubled up cord set.  At the end this section is the loop for the ball knot to fasten the bracelet.

Also take note of the gold thread sections which add elegant color bands. She makes use of the ancient technique of hiding wrapped thread ends neatly as decorative elements.

This knotted focal bracelet tutorial uses a lot of the wrapping technique. Note how she secures metal rings on either side of the knot. She also has a metal ring at one end of the bracelet in place of a ball knot as the fastener.

This concentric knot bracelet tutorial how a metal connector can be added to the design. Don't be confused with glimpses of her braiding a paracord. That is this instructor's way of showing in larger scale, how the braiding or macrame is done before she switches to the delicate cord for the actual work!

The fastening is the common Shambala style bracelet one.

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  1. Aren't these sweet! So delicate and perfect.

  2. Gobsmacked is not a word that is part of my usual vocabulary, but it certainly fits the artist's work. I'm intrigued by the process and after watching, I'm not certain that subtitles or even diagrams would be of much use. What kind of thread does she use? I took me a while to discover that there was a step apparently omitted from the focal bracelet tutorial. It wasn't readily obvious that she had repeated the wrapping on the red side but with red thread. The only part of the red wrapping that showed was when she clipped the end of the red wrapping thread after wrapping both. I re-ran the video just to make sure that I hadn't missed it. I didn't, but it dawned on me that all you have to do is repeat the gold except with the red wrapping thread. I'm glad you mentioned the paracord.

    1. I noticed that too. Instructors sometimes just show a step just once - it helps to keep the video shorter.


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