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Beginner Geometric Beaded Ring Tutorial Uses a Modified RAW Stitch | Resource for Geometric Beadwork

Contemporary geometric beadwork is all the rage. So if you want to join the party, then check out Kate McKinnon's beginner geometric beaded ring tutorial.

She demonstrates a modified RAW stitch to make her Tri-Wing ring. It is called modified because of the unique thread path forming the "bellyband".

The tip is to really mind the tension.

You can explore the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, which is an open source architectural beadwork project by Kate McKinnon and a worldwide team of innovators for more instructions and patterns.

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  1. I've made several of the Tri-Wing rings and they are easy and fun. They also seem to be comfortable to wear. I have also done the kaleidoscope which is a fascinating toy that can be inverted several ways to show several different designs. She has several and well done tutorials which demonstrate many of the basic techniques used in constructing some of the projects. The groups website also has a number of helpful demonstrations. The projects are all fun and funky and build on each other. It's quite an interesting and innovative technique.
    My personal opinion is that what you produce is more for novelty's sake and rarely something that the average person would wear. Don't let me discourage you from making them because they are fun and certainly a welcome relief from the often humdrum of typical beading projects.

    Over a year ago I purchased what was then advertised as Volume 1 and Volume 2 of her book with Volume 2 to be published within a very short time. Unfortunately it was never published and even though the website still says that the time for press is coming soon, even more than a year later, it still has not gone to press.

    I just checked the website and apparently Volume 2 has been published but both volumes are out of print with digital versions available.

  2. Kate is amazing, her understanding of geometry as it applies to beading is mind-boggling!
    I've been fascinated and gobsmacked to watch her work over the years.
    I hated "math" in school and now wish i'd paid more attention... not that i "need" Algebra, though! ;)


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