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Great Color Shifting Polymer Clay Pendant Tutorial Using Chameleon Pigments

My first impression of Alison Merritt's  (DreamWeaverDesigns) color shift polymer clay pendant tutorial was WOW!  She really nailed it with mica pigments.  The change in colors as she moves her pieces is very obvious.

Black polymer clay is the base.  She then applies Chameleon pigments with the help of stencils. These are the coolest pigments because like the name implies, they aren't what they seem - they can change their colors!

I like how Alison tried out two different ways with her stencils. She applies layers of pigments on first one with the swirl stencil. She actually shifts the stencil for the dots pendant three times after applying the pigments.

You can get the KolorEFX Chameleon pigments from PEARLPLEASURES.

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  1. Fascinating. Don't do polymer clay so would love to purchase some of her art. Unfortunately her shop is closed.
    Her message is "My shop will be on vacation for a couple weeks starting January 14th. See you soon!" Any idea when she will be open again?

    1. I have no idea. Many artisans do quit Etsy and some hopefully will be temporary while we battle this pandemic.

  2. These are simply stunning! Something worth giving a try.

  3. Color shift has been very popular in the polymer clay world. I've seen many examples but haven't tried it myself. Maybe it's time!


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