Ever since I got the kind of can opener that leaves smooth edges, I have been thinking about making something with the lids.  There are so many possibilities to craft with the lids as they make excellent metal bases.

Thinking is not the same as doing!

Fortunately, another creative soul did the doing. Felicia Gustin shared all the wonderful things you can make with the lids. Not just pendants or statement earrings either. All sorts of decor items for all seasons - you just need to get creative.

Some of the clever ideas used recycled images from postcards, greeting cards and even calendars.  She also used fabric and buttons.  One of my favorites was someone's herb garden stakes.

I recommend the Euro power punch to make the holes effortlessly. Even if you have no intention of recycling can lids, I still recommend a smooth edge can opener simply from the safety point of view. No nasty sharp edges to cut yourself or someone else.

Check out How to Make Jewelry or Decorations Out of Tin Can Lids by Felicia Gustin on Snapguide.

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