Wire wrapping and leather is an uncommon combination.  But Austrian designer, Margit Suen of LeatherworksSUMA is skilled in both techniques.

She is a talented leather carver as you can see from her detailed leather cuffs. Some of her work features intricate copper wire weaving which goes well together with leather for a bold, unisex look.

One happy customer nailed the essence of her style when he said, "I'm very happy to have found something that both feels masculine and retains some delicacy." That is not an easy balance to strike but this artisan manages it in spades!

I asked Margit what got her going on her unique style. She explained:  "I started with wire working 2 years ago. Due to the reason that many people (including myself) can't wear copper wire without getting a green skin, I searched for a solution. And that was the start of leather working. I like combining different materials as leather, wire, bones etc."

What a brilliant solution. As you can see the copper mostly sits on top of leather in many of her designs.

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