Utah based MaryAnneLoveless is a polymer clay artist who revels in colors, patterns and shapes.  Her beautiful creations range from earrings to unique gifts.  

My favorites include her amazing floral earrings, each design is detailed and lovingly layered.  Her seahorses and insects are available as magnets.  Her decorated polymer clay gift Altoid tins have her amazing seahorse on the lids!

Mary nails it when she explained why she designs :  "Art makes me happy! It really does. I have been creating in polymer for more than twenty-five years, but even before that I have sweet memories of my mom sitting down next to me at the Formica table with a warm batch of salt dough. We made a lot of birds sitting on nests back then. I've branched out a bit since then, but I still get the same feeling when I create." 

Her passion and creative happiness certainly shows in her work!

Seahorse Altoid Tins

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