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A classy nightgown, a cute Sunday dress, a rocking T-shirt and jeans combo, or a plain over-sized tee – whatever your style may be, it can never go wrong with the perfect smart jewelry! Any type of style can never be dull when you top it off with amazing jewelry. And what is more amazing than Technology-fused jewelry? Yes, you read that right. Technology-fused jewelry. 

Don’t get me wrong, traditional jewelry is still in and still remains glamorous, but just imagine having to wear a piece of jewelry that you can manage and have benefits with? Isn’t it great? Well, don’t be too excited yet, because I’ll be introducing to you the five technology-fused jewelry that will blow your mind away. 

 The Motiv Ring 

Are you a fitness enthusiast who also loves trendy fashion? Then Motiv ring is just for you. This ring helps you monitor your vitals such as heart rate, calories, and sleep quality. Another interesting feature of it is that it can also record steps, distance, and your activities. 


 This jewelry is designed with heart-rate monitor and three-axis accelerometer along with a WalkID biometric authentication system that makes it secure from theft. You can use this by integrating it with your Phone (iPhone or Android) using Bluetooth connection. It is user-friendly and water-resistant which makes it a more versatile and durable option in the market. 

Are you a busy bee that is always in front of the computer, or likes to play music through your wireless speakers? If yes, then this Pyradyne Balance Bracelet is perfect for you. Pyradyne Balance Bracelet is a piece of jewelry that protects the wearer from EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Fields) that surrounds us every day (gadgets that we use). This bracelet helps shield EMF and helps the wearer regain the natural frequency of our body. 

It also improves the brain and nerve system and retains 20% more oxygen in the blood. So, if you’re using gadgets all the time, then this bracelet will be a great deal for you. Not just that it is pretty, but it is also beneficial.

Do you want something personalized? Or you want to give your special someone a gift that is significant to you? If yes, then a 3D Soundwave Ring is your best buy! The 3D printed Encode Ring that is designed by 3DWaves makes it possible for wearers to record their voice, making it the feature point of the ring design.

 So, if you want to treat yourself, or give a loved one something that is personalized, then this is the perfect item. 3D Soundwave Ring comes in silver, 18k in gold, and platinum. 

When you’re into bracelets and other gold plated jewelry, then may I suggest purchasing a Gold Security Bangle that can be used as an emergency dialer once you’re in trouble – just one tap, then it will send your location to your emergency contact immediately. 

Nice right? So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself one of these now! 


Do you want a piece of jewelry that lets you upload pictures by just using an application? If yes, then Evermee’s locket is the perfect jewelry for you! Aside from it’s a gorgeous and fashionable design, it can let you choose any photo that you love and change it anytime you like! How cool is that? And oh yeah, it’s very budget-friendly too! Less hassle and save more money. 

You can wear this with any pair of clothing you desire since this locket comes in different gemstones, you can check out more details here. So, if you’re the classy yet sentimental type, then Evermee’s Locket is the perfect jewelry for you.

Alright! Jewelry has just been taken to a whole new level. And I know you’re more than excited to purchase one now. If you already purchased one of the above-mentioned jewelry, and feel overwhelmed with the result, let me know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section! Stay glamorous!

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