Colorado based Meredith Funk of ItsJustSoYou or IJSY is a wonderful laser cutter who puts fun into jewelry. As she says,  "Boring jewelry ends here."  She wants people to "Make a statement with jewelry that represents who you are." She delivers with a delightful range of whimsy. 

I first came across Meredith's work when I shared her acrylic astronaut jewelry in my past feature on Jewelry Celebrating 8 Women in Science.  

I was struck by the clever way she used layered colored and transparent acrylic as well as iridescent and glow in the dark ones.  Her coloring of etched and engraved areas add details for her fun designs. 

There is something for everyone. UFOs,  Dr Who's Tardis, Star Fleet insignia earrings even pink flamingo ones.  Some of my favorites include her beautiful sakura cherry blossom flower earrings as well as the iridescent butterflies. 

Meredith explains her unusual collection thusly : "I'm a big dork. I like all dork related things. Doctor Who is my hero. Darth Vader isn't that bad. And Sailor Moon is my bun head. I also like tofu, riding my cruiser bike, playing with my tamagotchi and obliterating acrylic with my laser. It's just what I do. " 

Comet or Meteorite Earrings

Poison Apple Earrings

Cherry Blossom Flower earrings

Star Fleet insignia earrings

Greenhouse earrings

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