It's no secret that many crafters find knitting, crochet, tatting, sewing, making jewelry and so on very relaxing.  So it comes with no great surprise there is growing evidence these activities are good for our health.  Crafting relieves stress and anxiety, helps with insomnia and even reduces the risk of cognitive decline as we age. Neuroscientists now think our brains have neuroplasticity - the ability to form new neural connections throughout our lifetime.  Use it or lose it!

Chain maille doesn't get mentioned as much as knitting and crochet for its health benefits but the technique also makes one's brain fire up! Chain mail weaves are just as soothing to do.  Like other crafts, chain maille engages many parts of the brain, not just in creativity but in visual- spatial coordination and in problem solving.

Sarah and Kirk, based in Washington have come up with a number of tutorials for their innovative  chain maille weaves.  Their shop, BrilliantTwistedSkulls,  have weaves for bracelets as well as for pendants (or key chains). The projects are rated from beginner through to advanced levels. So there is something for everyone!

I particularly loved the unusual anchor and arrowhead designs. Their complex weaves and different cross weaves are also noteworthy.

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