Early on in my mask making efforts, I decided I didn't like the ones which tie. But the ear loop type, while quicker to wear and take off, have a disadvantage - you cannot slip them off and hang them around your neck after you leave an indoor public space.  

My friend and metal stamper, Sonya of Rocpoet solved that by creating a beaded mask holder as you can see from the one she made for the owner of the newly opened Juniper Artisan Collective in Cambridge, Ontario.  It is an adaptation of beaded eyeglass holders except lobster clasps replace the eyeglass holders.

As you can see from Sonya's original Instagram post, she personalized it with lettered beads. Thanks Sonya for letting me share this!  I just made my own chain version!

She is not the only one who is doing it.  Lots of Instagrammers - both men and women- have been showing off their pretty blinged out face mask holders and simple lanyards! 

However, this adorable little Chinese baby didn't need a mask holder. He didn't have any trouble temporarily removing his ear looped mask to eat!  Thanks Mum for sharing this!

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