Indiana based Jessica Hunnicutt is a mechanical engineer by training. She says she has a high stress job with projects ranging from designing "liquid cooling systems for industrial servers to administering company-wide quality management systems for a pump manufacturer."

She was in need of a creative outlet outside of her job.  After venturing into various jewelry making techniques, she ruefully admitted, "Without any formal training, I quickly figured out I valued my eyebrows too much to go down the path of torch and acids. I’m much better with a computer mouse."

Jessica explained how LayersByDesign was born : "I explored alternative methods of manufacturing and stumbled into 3D printing. I was use to designing hundreds of components to fit in small compact system ... ‘why couldn’t I focus on designing 1 piece and 3D print it on industrial, professional printers?’

She started with a birdhouse pendant for her mother and as they say, the rest is history!  Her shop is a delightful mix of fun designs as well as elegant ones like her sun flare gold plated on brass pendant shown above.  

Jessica's metal jewelry designs are first 3D printed in wax. These models are then used in the lost wax traditional casting technique for the final metal designs.  She uses Shapeways' professional equipment to manufacture her designs (see video at the end). 

Her colored 3D printed designs are made from nylon, each of which is built up layer by layer.  Many of her designs are fun and quirky.  There is the toilet paper roll earrings to remind one of the insanity of toilet paper hoarding at the beginning of the pandemic. Who but a furbaby's mom would buy a cat litter scoop pair of earrings?

Her unique collections include designs for different professions. Looking at the reviews for her shop, at least one delighted nurse bought a pair of bed pan earrings!

Stroll through her store and find a perfect gift for someone you know!

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