I recently shared reader Wayne Wiley's tip of using a 24 cup muffin pan to keep many bead colors separate when working with a complex beading project.

Having never worked with so many colors at any one time, I was unprepared for another reader, Lynn Velier's bead board idea. She uses a Jell-O Bean Jiggler mold shown above - which has 82 spots! She says the cavity size is 1 inch x 0.75 inch. 

She explained in an email to me, "I put the pattern color letter on each mold and start beading. I like it because it is nice and compact."  Perhaps putting the mold onto a suitable baking tray or some plywood would give it extra rigidity while transporting it.

Lynn, who is retired and beads for her friends and family, thought that you could only get it from an antique store.

I went looking and not surprisingly, Amazon stocks it! You can purchase a used pink version of the Jell-O Bean Jigglers mold here.  Lynn later emailed me to let me know some eBay vendors have better pricing like $9 - $15. 

While I was at it, I spotted a 126 cavity silicone candy mold!  Good value at US$12.99 for two! 

Also check out ice cube trays. They sometimes come in sets like this one so you have a choice of using the number you need for a particular project. Stackable too.  Heaven forbid if you should stop beading, but if you do, these molds can revert to their original purpose - making ice cubes!

You can even go as high as the  468 cavity silicone mold for chocolate drops. But I think that will be going too far!  I can't see anyone needing to work with so many bead colors at one time. The cavities for these might be too small to be useful.  

That reminds me - it's time for a chocolate break! 😁

Thanks Lynn for this great tip!

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