Many of you have probably seen these incredible wire fairy sculptures, dandelions and weathervanes on social media.  This is the work of British artist, Robin Wight.  He was in the copper industry but switched to software and design.  What started as a hobby married both his own lifelong creativity and engineering skills.

People were so delighted by his creations, that hobby has become a family business. 

Did you know he now offers instructions and kits in his FantasyWireShop ? The kits are for 8 and 16 inch fairies.  His shop also offers prints and greeting cards based on beautiful photos of his art. 

The how to book  is called The Art of FantasyWire.  
"It will walk you through: the properties and constraints of working with wire, the factors that influence a good design in art, how to make a wire skeleton/frame to support your sculpture, basic wire handling techniques, guidelines and insights to help you control proportions (the hardest part of any art) and what to do when you start to panic if you think it's all going wrong!"
Although the book shows how to make the fairies, it is really about the basics of designing wire sculptures which can be applied for any shape. 
He also has a Youtube video series which helps wire sculpture learners.  Here is the introductory video from that series: 

His fairies and dandelions are marvelous in gardens and woodlands. Of particular beauty are those which move like weathervanes. 

People often asked him how he got started so he shared his "fairy tale".  Back in 2009, he took a photo in the woods which showed an optical illusion of what looked like a fairy on a tree.  He also had an epiphany of using wire as a sculpture medium the following year while he was mending a fence. That led to his first wire sculptures. 

Just for fun, he made a wire fairy which the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust allowed him to place in their nature reserve. He then went on to make a full scale fairy trail. Locals loved finding them all. 

The Trentham Estate eventually bought them all for their fairy trail in the gardens. A beautiful setting for these wonderful artwork where manmade whimsy blends with nature.

This video showcases several of his designs. 


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