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Make a Sparkly Polymer Clay Necklace Using Nail Art Supplies

Nail art supplies are so useful for the jewelry making community. Small enough to fit nails also small enough for jewelry projects!  Take this sparkly/holographic polymer clay necklace tutorial for example.  The designer, SunDIYday JewelryTutorials, uses the colorful nail art foil as well as transfers.

She uses UV resin for bonding. Try using regular epoxy resin or Mod Podge to do the same thing. You do need more time for these to cure or set. I also wonder if one can use clear gel nail polish?

Now I am wondering if I can do the same with metal stampings and even my wood cuts!  I just love the variety of patterns such as in this pack.  Hmmmm.....

H/T to Aims for this find.

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  1. I have some nail art stuff I can't be bothered to use on my nails, which I keep short and which no one sees when I am working from home (over 5 months now...) anyway. Thanks for an alternate idea of what to do with it.

  2. I wonder if there is any way to glue two pieces of the foil together, back to back, and then cut into strips to use in resin bangles?

  3. The final results really caught my eye!

  4. Indeed, nail art has reached an apogee lately and transferring it to jewelry was inevitable :) The result is awesome!

  5. I've purchased several items "for nail art" that I'm using in Resin- who has time for pretty nails!? ;)

  6. Do not use nail polish with polymer clay! The chemicals are not compatible and the clay will get soft and sticky due to a chemical reaction. There are resins...UV curable resin that works beautifully on polymer clay. Research this. The Blue Bottle Tree- Ginger Davis Allman has great info on this if you are interested.


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