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Minimalist Floral Polymer Clay Jewelry by 11prune

I really admire polymer clay artists who can make enormous complex canes - often kaleidoscopic in design - and reduce them down to jewelry size pieces.  

French designer, Cécile Bos of 11prune takes that technique to a whole new level.  Her minimalist floral polymer clay jewelry feature some of the smallest and daintiest designs I have ever seen. 

It would be easier to work in sections as for the kaleidoscopic polymer clay designs. However, Cécile is able to create her own unique botanical patterns. She also has a wonderful talent for picking just the colors.  

Cécile was never into graphic design or fabric design. She is actually a former research scientist who explained what inspires her : "I am particularly sensitive to patterns and shapes from fabrics all around the world, nature, architecture."

"I draw my inspiration from this beauty to create original patterns using polymer clay in a very specific technique. Then I use these delicate patterns to design minimal, poetic, colorful and unique jewelry in my Southwest of France workshop."

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  1. The canes are great but it's also a really good combination of clay and beads including some of the shaped beads. And the beads and clay really complement each other instead of clashing, even with the intricate patterns.

  2. The elements of this artist’s work are very well thought through, perfectly matched and in line with the current fashions. This is stunning and I admit that knowing nothing about working with clay is a mystery to me, it is very intriguing. Awesome pieces!

  3. Gorgeous work! I can imagine how time consuming this all is.

  4. I love the way she combines elements. Pure talent!

  5. so delicate, so detailed, such patience and skill!

  6. I wouldn't call this minimalist at all. The patterns are intricate, beautiful and maximalist.

    1. You are right! I should have called it maximalist on a small scale!


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