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Never Marry a Crafty Woman by Jamie Lissow

Need a little humor?  This Jamie Lissow comedy sketch about the perils of living and shopping with a crafty spouse will surely make you chuckle.  It's funny because it is true.  I have spotted some unhappy spouses who would rather be somewhere else but Michaels!

He had me laughing out loud when he said, "...Bitcoin of Pinterest"!

Some of the comments were funny too. Like :

"Abandon all hope when you enter Hobby Lobby!"

"Yup!! My husband laughed so hard, I started to feel bad!! 🤣👍"

"When I go to Michaels and I see a man I wonder what he did to get in trouble."


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  1. I recently threw away an empty jar and my daughter said "Why did you throw that away?" She had a project going for the youth group at church.
    Plus, I remember going to a bead show in a local motel. Vendors were in the rooms and outside each room was a chair - for the husbands.They all had little bags on their laps.

  2. I fail to see the humor in that. ;-] As if I',m one to complain. Even as much time as I spend doing crafting, I go straight to the internet. My goodness, have you ever tried to find something as simple as some beading needles? I swear they hide them so that you have to look and look and look. Then you finally ask a clerk and they tell you - just look on aisle 13 - they are on the bottom right. Of course, just like hotels, there is no 13, and frankly the clerk has spent days looking for needles, too, and they don't have a clue. Thanks for the laugh.

    1. I agree internet shopping is more efficient but sometimes you need to look at some things up close or the browsing reveals something you didn’t realize you needed!

  3. LOL!Now I pity everyone, I have ever dragged through a craft store.

  4. This was so incredibly funny and spot on. I watched it twice then my husband watched it. Then I sent it to nearly everyone I know. Thanks for sharing!


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