Maybe all of us have a small wish to be remembered in some way. Perhaps even immortalized as a statue?  But a squirrel wasn't quite what I had in mind!  Reader Aims had me chuckling when she sent me this Atlas Obscura post about "Ms Pearl :  The world's largest squirrel statue clutches a pecan bigger than your head!"  (Photo credit : Spencer Darr)

Perhaps if it were clutching a giant bead rather than a pecan, that would hint at the bead hoard I have. I am a squirrel personified because jewelry designers like me definitely squirrel away beads much like real squirrels do with nuts. I am nuts about beads!

MEME credit : 9buz
Ms Pearl is a 14 ft high statue is located just outside Austin, Texas.  It was built in 2011 by BlueGenieArt for Berdoll Pecan Farms.  A customer of farm named the statue as part of a contest.

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You're welcome.

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