I first wrote about Japanese resin artist, Riusuke Fukahori's mind-blowing work almost a decade ago.  Many artists have since been inspired by his beautiful 3D resin paintings which are painstakingly built up, layer by layer.  

However, I have never seen an artist use this technique to create jewelry pieces until I stumbled upon Chinese artist, Lillian Lee's work.  As you can see from her store, Original3DResinArt, there are many beautiful designs including resin art home decor pieces to really unique makeup organizers!

Lillian also includes short video clips of her jewelry pieces. So click on her listings to see the 3D painted ones like this gorgeous goldfish cabochon listing. Only then can you really see the intricacies and depth.   She does give an option if you want to have a hole drilled for you. 

Lillian has a Youtube channel which showcases her work including this process video on how she created one of her fish in a bowl art. 

Lillian has a solid background in painting. She has been making resin art for 8 years. Her inspiration comes from Riusuke Fukahori's work. Her muses are the koi and goldfish in the backyard pond of her apartment.

She explained, "There is a great difference in normal canvas painting and watercolor painting in layers between resin - both require different techniques, amount of time, and attention to the details. 

The resin surface is extremely smooth and thin and feels like glass. Hence, in the beginning, it was really hard to get them right and produce a product that I had aimed for. At that time, resin painting was a new art style and only very few people knew how to do it. There were no youtube tutorials, blogs, or articles to look up to for information and learn from. But with time and a lot of practice, things fell in place and the artwork became better and better."

All that hard work and dedication over the years has certainly paid off for this talented and patient artist. 

Resin Makeup Organizer

Resin Makeup Organizer

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