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Clever Bugle Bead Butterfly Pendant Tutorial

I've mentioned this before - it's actually quite challenging to come up with minimalist designs!  But some designers manage it. This simple butterfly pendant tutorial is by Beaddiagrams

She made good use of small bugle beads by cleverly arranging their positions.  It is a pity bugle beads are underused! I like their versatility for "architectural" beadwork and to simulate metal beads. 

The motif can be repeated for a more substantial necklace. 

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  1. I love bugle beads. In fact just purchased several colors. Not sure I've mentioned it, but my wife made a dress for our daughter's wedding (they just celebrated their 25th). It was a long sheath dress in emerald green with a green lace over-blouse. I used small bugle beads and sewed 100's of them on the blouse over the lace motifs. Big job, but both my daughter and my wife looked lovely.

  2. Merry Christmas Pearl!
    Thank you for all the time you spend on finding and sending out great ideas to us. We DO appreciate you! Have a very merry and blessed Christmas!


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